Sunday, 23 March 2008

Cycle of Life

This is something I wrote on the evening 25 May 2006, two day before my wedding, outside in the garden enjoying dinner at twilight with my folks from back home. Two years on, I still feel the same way about all life has to offer, all that life throws at us... There are days I stumble, days I fall and I feel like I will never be able to get up again, days when I cry rivers... When I do dry the tears away, and finally muster the strength to get up, this is what I stil remind myself of.

As I sit here in the blue-tinted semi-darkness, listening to the melodies of nocturnal birds chirping triumphantly in the face of the night, the breeze, the distant thunder of traffic; I look up and say a little prayer for being here, now, in this very moment, being me - in my own skin.

As I listen to the distant remembrances from the sepia pages of the manuscripts of my memories, locked deep down in the caskets of the memory, I contemplate. Life... love... heartache... death... pain... 'All that the flesh is heir to'... What remains of these but the faint tracks in the dusty field of memories?

As the night clouds gentyly drifting in the sapphire sky, all that does come, indeed will pass. This life, too, shall pass in due course. Like the summer sun that fades away into the gloom of dusky autumn skies. Like the endless floods of fall, the bitter bite of winter, like the silent, stealthy rise the daffodils soon after...

I look to a time - in the dreamy distance - when I will hold my little girl in my arms and tell her nothing in this life is worth her precious pearls of tears. Only death perhaps - and that, the tears won't wash away regardless.