Sunday, 1 July 2007

Welcome to My Little World

My first post... I've known about blogspot for ages, but it wasn't until I stumbled upon my cousin Vickii's spot a couple of months ago and my other half Subster decided to set up his own blog a few weeks back that I considered setting up my own account. And here we are - in my little world.
Who am I?
People call me Sin, Sinem, Sinami, Cinnamon, Xena, Sinnie... At the ripe age of twenty nine, teacher by profession, writer by hobby, moonlighting as a photographer when the opportunity presents itself or the fancy takes me.
Crazysexycool woman of class and elegance... perfectionist to a fault, empathetic, sensitive, gentle, complicated, multi-layered, multi-tasking, over-analytical, borderline obsessive compulsive, genuine, brutally honest, laid-back, easygoing, introverted, reflective, introspective, stubborn, pessimistic, self-deprecating, born-worrier, sarcastic, sassy, crazy, cool, kooky. I'm just me.
I love chocolate, and writing, and photography.I love summer, the beach and swimming in the sapphire seas. I love ice cream, Haagen Dazs cookies & cream, Baileys on a hot summer's eve, sunshine on my skin and sea salt in my hair, true child of the Mediterranean.
I love romantic comedies and duvet days, good reads, my morning latte. Making scrap-books, travelling places, catching the journey of the sun from the east to the west, taking snapshots in the blink of an eye. Street photography - capturing a single second in a stranger's life. Black&white... Or landscapes. My camera and I, alone in the wilderness, in search of that picture perfect scenery.
Writing... poetry, short stories, novels. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I'd give up the day job, buy a house by the ocean, and write from dawn till dusk. Writing makes me happy. That one thing in life I can get so wrapped up in I forget the passing of time.
I love music. Singing in my car at the top of my voice! Feeling the lyrics to the bone. I love songs that make me smile (Smile, She moves in her own way...) I love songs that make me cry (Dance with my father, Hello...).
I love poetry. I love the neat sequence of words telling the stories of the soul. A bit of Browning, a bit of Frost, a bit of Shakespeare is good for the soul.I love each single moment spent enjoying myself, with friends, family, loved ones. Good times, good food, good wine.
Life is too short to spend any moment in pain or sadness. I have had my fair share in the past to know that. In the end, life is what you make of it. Make it worthwhile.


Vickii said...

Yay, welcome to blogville Sinem!! I love your description of yourself ... and it makes me realise again how similar we are, except I have to disagree with you on the ice cream; ben & jerry's is clearly superior to Haagen Daaz!!

Can't wait to read more!!

classybabe said...

Welcome to blogville!

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

welcome to blogsville sweetie... came here from vickiis... love her a lot and you already from your first post... i love it... i'll definitely be back here... cant wait to read more(hopefully you're a lil more frequent than vickii who updates only on full

diary of a G said...

diary of a g was here

zaiprincesa said...

Welcome to bloggsville...from ur intro alone, ur writing is phenomenal...Keep penning!

Calabar Gal said...

Welcome to Blogville Sinem! We all love your photoblog. Hope you have fun over here. Cheers.

imoted said...


Obinwanne said...

Ekabo, Sanu, Nno-o.......WELCOME!

Favoured Girl said...

Welcome to Blogville! Thanks for your comment on my page. I'll be back.

mona said...

i like your description of oyur self, it's really nice.i love to write too and can do it all day given a chance, i also love poetry and music so much.we have that in common.found your blog through bliss girls it!